Total Items Sold


Total Items Sold refers to the total number of individual units or products that were purchased by customers.


Total Items Sold = The total quantity of units ordered

The calculation is based on data from the Product Analytics table.

Insights and Actions

Total Items Sold is an essential metric for gauging product demand and inventory management. Efficiently leveraging Total Items Sold data can guide strategic business decisions:

  • Inventory Management: Analyze trends in units sold to optimize inventory levels, avoiding stockouts for high-demand products and reducing excess stock for slower-moving items.
  • Product Performance Analysis: Identify top-selling products to focus marketing efforts and product development on what customers prefer most.
  • Pricing Strategy Adjustments: Evaluate the impact of pricing changes on units sold to find the optimal price point that maximizes revenue without deterring customers.
  • Marketing and Promotion Planning: Use insights from sales trends to plan targeted promotions for products that need a sales boost or to capitalize on high-demand periods.

Example Use


How many items were sold yesterday?



  SUM(total_items_sold) AS total_items_sold
  product_analytics_table AS pa
  pa.event_date = CURRENT_DATE() - 1;