New Customer Revenue


New Customer Revenue refers to the total revenue generated from first-time buyers.


New Customer Revenue = Total Order Revenue from New Customers

The calculation is based on data from the Orders table.

Insights and Actions

New Customer Revenue is pivotal for gauging the success of efforts to attract first-time buyers and the revenue they contribute. Efficiently leveraging New Customer Sales data can guide strategic business decisions:

  • Assess Marketing Campaign Effectiveness: Evaluate which marketing strategies and channels are most successful in attracting new customers by correlating them with spikes in new customer sales.
  • Optimize Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): Use insights from new customer sales to assess the return on investment in acquisition strategies and refine spending to improve CAC.
  • Enhance Onboarding Experience: Tailor the onboarding process for new customers based on insights into their purchasing behavior to increase satisfaction and retention.
  • Identify High-Value Customer Segments: Analyze new customer sales data to identify which segments are most lucrative and target similar demographics in future campaigns.

Example Use


What was my new customer revenue in Jan 2024?



  SUM(order_revenue) AS new_customer_revenue
  is_new_customer = TRUE
  AND event_date BETWEEN '2024-01-01' AND '2024-01-31';