Shopify Order Revenue


Shopify Order Revenue is the sum of all revenue generated from shopify orders, excluding refunds.


Shopify Order Revenue = Total order revenue from Shopify

This data is imported directly from the shop platform, and stored in the Orders table. Shopify pre-calculates the order revenue as: Gross Product Sales - Discounts + Taxes + Shipping.

Insights and Actions

Shopify Order Revenue is crucial for understanding the financial performance of your Shopify-based e-commerce business. Efficiently leveraging Shopify Order Revenue data can guide strategic business decisions:

  • Evaluate Sales Performance: Analyze daily or weekly Shopify Order Revenue to identify sales trends, seasonal variations, and the impact of marketing campaigns on revenue.
  • Optimize Pricing and Discounts: Use insights from order revenue to assess the effectiveness of pricing strategies and discounts, making adjustments to maximize profitability.
  • Improve Product Mix: Identify which products or categories contribute most to Shopify Order Revenue and consider adjusting inventory levels and marketing focus accordingly.
  • Refine Marketing and Advertising: Correlate changes in Shopify Order Revenue with specific marketing activities to pinpoint the most effective channels and strategies, reallocating budget to maximize ROI.

Example Use


What was my Shopify Order Revenue yesterday?



  SUM(od.order_revenue) AS total_revenue
  orders_table AS od
  od.platform = 'shopify'
  AND od.event_date = CURRENT_DATE() - 1;