Amazon Product Sales


Amazon Product Sales represents the total sales from ordered products via Amazon.


Amazon Product Sales = Gross product sales from Amazon

This data is imported directly from the shop platform, and stored in the Orders table. Amazon pre-calculates the product sales as: Price of ordered items x Quantity sold. This figure is displayed on the Sales Dashboard in Amazon.

Insights and Actions

Amazon Product Sales is a key metric for evaluating the performance of your sales on Amazon. Efficiently leveraging Amazon Product Sales data can guide strategic business decisions:

  • Optimize Product Listings: Analyze sales data to identify high-performing products on Amazon and optimize listings with improved images, descriptions, and keywords to enhance visibility and sales.
  • Adjust Pricing Strategy: Use insights from product sales to assess your pricing strategy against competitors on Amazon, making adjustments to remain competitive while maximizing profit.
  • Manage Inventory Effectively: Monitor sales trends to manage inventory levels efficiently, ensuring high-demand products are always in stock while avoiding excess inventory for slower-moving items.
  • Enhance Marketing and Promotions: Identify products with strong sales potential to focus your marketing efforts, including Amazon ads and promotions, to boost visibility and sales further.

Example Use


What were my Amazon gross product sales yesterday?



  SUM(gross_product_sales) AS total_gross_sales
  event_date = CURRENT_DATE() - 1
  AND platform = 'amazon';