The Subscriptions table holds details about customer subscriptions, such as subscription IDs, intervals, status, creation times, and related orders. Querying this table can unearth trends in subscription behaviors, help track customer commitment over time, and aid in understanding the stability of recurring revenue.


Dimensions are immutable properties that can be used for grouping data.

subscription_idstringThe unique ID for the subscription.

Example value: 352106812
customer_idstringThe unique ID for the customer associated with the subscription.

Example value: 6784521634029
Shopify, Amazon
subscription_intervalstringThe frequency at which the subscription renews.

Example values: month, day, week
subscription_statusstringThe current status of the subscription.

Example values: active, cancelled, expired
created_attimestampThe time when the subscription was created. Formatted according to the ISO 8601 international standard.

Example value: 2022-06-15T19:26:30.000Z
ended_attimestampThe time when the subscription was canceled or expired. Formatted according to the ISO 8601 international standard .

Example value: 2023-07-11T19:21:30.000Z
first_order_idstringThe unique ID for the first order placed within this subscription.

Example value: 5246165483756
first_order_datedateThe date when the first order within this subscription was placed.

Example value: 2023-04-09
product_idstringThe unique ID for each product within the subscription.

Example value: 7809254686953
Shopify, Amazon
variant_idstringThe unique ID for each variant within the subscription.

Example value: 43151194915045
Shopify, Amazon
cancellation_reasonstringThe reason for cancellation of the subscription, provided by the customer.Recharge
cancellation_commentsstringAdditional comments given by the customer at the time of cancellation.Recharge
ordersrecord repeatedA collection of orders placed under this subscription.Shopify, Amazon
orders.order_idstringThe unique order ID for each order within the subscription.

Example value: 5779061670114
Shopify, Amazon
orders.event_datedateThe date when each order within the subscription was placed.

Example value: 2024-03-20
Shopify, Amazon


Measures are numeric fields that can be aggregated and/or combined to calculate new metrics.

subscription_interval_countnumericThe total number of subscription intervals that have occurred while the subscription was active.Recharge
pricenumericThe price of the subscription.Recharge
quantitynumericThe number of products included in the subscription.Recharge