The Subscription Metrics table offers a comprehensive view of subscriber activities and subscription changes over time. Querying this table reveals patterns in new sign-ups, churn rates, and subscription modifications, essential for understanding the health and growth of subscription-based aspects of your business.



event_date is a required field for queries on this table.


Dimensions are immutable properties that can be used for grouping data.

Field nameTypeDescriptionSource
event_datedateThe date the subscription action occurred (e.g. created, canceled).

Note: You can only choose one sub-field (day, week, month, quarter, or year) per query.
event_date.daydateevent_date to the nearest day.Recharge
event_date.weekdateevent_date to the nearest week.Recharge
event_date.monthdateevent_date to the nearest month.Recharge
event_date.quarterdateevent_date to the nearest quarter.Recharge
event_date.yeardateevent_date to the nearest year.Recharge
platformstringThe subscription platform through which the subscription is managed (e.g. Recharge).Recharge


Measures are numeric fields that can be aggregated and/or combined to calculate new metrics.

Field nameTypeDescriptionSource
total_new_subscribersnumericThe total number of new subscribers acquired in the reporting period.Recharge
new_never_seen_subscribersnumericThe number of subscribers who are entirely new to the platform.Recharge
reactivated_subscribersnumericThe number of subscribers who had previously cancelled but have started a new subscription again.Recharge
total_churned_subscribersnumericThe total number of subscribers who have cancelled their subscriptions in the reporting period.Recharge
total_new_subscriptionsnumericThe total number of new subscriptions started in the reporting period.Recharge
total_cancelled_subscriptionsnumericThe total number of subscriptions that were cancelled in the reporting period.Recharge