The Products table offers a comprehensive overview of products listed within your e-commerce platform, detailing attributes such as ID, title, vendor, status, and type. By querying this table, users can gain insights into product performance, inventory management, and sales trends, enabling strategic decisions around product listings, promotions, and stock levels.


Dimensions are immutable properties that can be used for grouping data.

product_idstringUnique ID for the product.

Example value: 6804674412617
Shopify, Amazon
product_titlestringThe name or title of the product.

Example values: Green Soft Socks 3-Pack, Paring Knife Travel Case, Gift Subscription
Shopify, Amazon
vendorstringThe vendor of the product.

Example values: Route, Canon, Corso
Shopify, Amazon
product_statusstringThe current status of the product.

Example values: active, draft, archived
Shopify, Amazon
product_tagsrepeated stringTags associated with the product for categorization.

Example values: 3-pack, Sale, discount_eligible
Shopify, Amazon
product_typestringThe category or type of product.

Example values: Merch, Subscription, Publication
Shopify, Amazon
variantsrecord repeatedInformation about the different variants of the product.Shopify, Amazon
variants.variant_idstringUnique ID for the product variant.

Example value: 47095335813393
Shopify, Amazon
variants.variant_titlestringThe name or title of the variant.

Example values: 36 S, Titanium / Mild, Black Leather
Shopify, Amazon
variants.variant_pricestringThe price of the variant.

Example values: 69.99, 10, 1200
Shopify, Amazon
variants.skustringThe stock keeping unit associated with the variant.

Example values: GP-BACK-02, A02630, POP200NAVY
Shopify, Amazon