Data in Triple Whale comes from a mix of first-party and third-party sources.

First-Party Sources:

  • Triple Whale Pixel and Post-Purchase Survey: Buyer information collected directly through Triple Whale.
  • Triple Whale Admin: Seller information that you input into the Triple Whale admin interface.

Third-Party Sources:

  • External Integrations: Both buyer and seller information from various platforms you've connected with Triple Whale, including Shopify, Amazon, Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Recharge, Shipstation, and more.


Upon collection, data from both first-party and third-party sources is stored within Triple Whale's data system.

In order to standardize across the diversity of data schemas from different sources, Triple Whale transforms this information into a unified canonical data schema to simplify access and analysis. Triple Whale combines and enriches the source data using various techniques including Machine Learning to leverage the data to provide advanced insights and analytical capabilities.

Accessing your data

You can access the transformed data through any of Triple Whale's interfaces:

  • Moby: An AI chatbot leveraging Large-Language-Model based technology for interactive queries and insights.
  • Boards: Customizable dashboards providing a flexible view of your data metrics.
  • SQL: A SQL editor that accommodates both no-code query building and traditional SQL writing (using BigQuery-flavored SQL) for advanced data manipulation.